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Aava Mobile – the strongest pos electronics company within the Oulu area

Already the leading technology company in the Oulu area, Aava Mobile is truly strong due to its products and vision. The future looks bright and the company is now calling for the best people available to join its team.

The core business of Aava Mobile is the development of mobile platforms for original design purposes, and equipment manufacturing. “Meaning that our mobile platforms allow equipment manufacturers and service providers to incorporate their own identity, user interface, content, and services into mobile devices”, says COO Kari Räisänen

Aava Mobile is a company with a unique strategy. “Aava is specialized in composition of design, id, manufacturing and long-term experience within vertical tablets and handhelds. Aava is, in fact, one of few companies with such experience and with so many mobile devices in the field for point of sales and retail. The company vision is that, soon, mobile devices will replace traditional cash register systems. It means that the retailer would use portable devices for sales, that will change and improve the customer experience both ways – for the sales person and for the customer.”

Aava is on a stable growth track

Aava Mobile has used its many years of design know-how on mobile devices for manufacturing and accessorizing companies with viable mobile hardware solutions for their specific needs. Part of the business also comes from licensing of Aava IP and the technology. The company delivered tens of thousands of Inari tablets and accessories to end users – either under partner brands or under the Aava Mobile brand name. Thanks to the competence and innovations of its employees, the company’s turnover is expected to continue its strong growth in the years ahead. 

Great career opportunities available 

However, like many other growing companies, Aava Mobile is also facing the challenge of finding the right people. “Therefore, we want to invite experienced professionals to come on board. We are a solid European company which sells more than just dreams. We can offer a good prospective for the future, and a serious intention to stay in business.” 

Kari Räisänen mentions that Aava Mobile has already been nominated as the biggest exporter within the Oulu region. “Our company has had rapid growth that, according to our projections and plans, will continue in the upcoming years. We will also invest in new products and areas with focus on point of sales offerings, as well as expanding into new territories to become a global player. Plans that will create great career possibilities for our present and future personnel.” 

Find out more at www.aavamobile.com

Text: Mia Heiskanen

Aava Mobile

Aava Mobile is the world leader in tablet POS.
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