Best-Hall built a jumbo-jet-size hangar for JFK Airport.


All-inclusive expertise

Best Hall Oy is a full-service specialist in erecting membrane cladded steel structured buildings, which today can be found around the world. Football in Iceland is played in buildings by Best-Hall, and JFK airport has a huge hangar through which jumbo jets thunder. 

Best-Hall is able to get the job done because of its professional experience since 1975. The company has produced more than 4,000 warehouses, as well as industrial and sports buildings all over the world. 

 – We are a full-service provider, providing the customer with their desired building type as a turnkey delivery. Our service also covers all the building investment-related areas, from contacting the authorities all the way to the design, production, accessories, installation, maintenance and any future repurposing needs of the building, President and CEO Leif Fagernäs says. 

It has always been important for Best Hall to keep the know-how in their own hands. 

 – We do not buy from random outside sources because the necessary technical and economic expertise can be found inside our own house. This way the customers can be confident that they will receive from us a guaranteed high-quality total solution, Fagernäs went on to say. 

 Membrane covered buildings that stand up to heavy wear 

The core of our activities centers on membrane covered buildings and related applications. Best-Hall’s PVC-covered steel-framed building will withstand time, weather, and transfers. The long lifespan, durability, and versatility of the building makes it an option that allows a company to boost its long-term business. The durability of the building becomes particularly evident in circumstances where there are hard snow loads and otherwise harsh climatic conditions. 

 The world’s largest microwave oven 

For example, Best-Hall has built facilities for football in Iceland, where the wind velocity may be greater than 50 meters per second. 

 – We want, of course, to be able to claim that we have, with our expertise, contributed to the international success of Icelandic football, Fagernäs laughs. 

 Another interesting example can be found at New York’s JFK airport. 

 – There an aircraft de-icing hangar was completed ten years ago. It is the world’s largest microwave oven, because, inside the hangar, ice and snow are melted off of huge jumbo jets before they roll onto the runway. 

 Hybrid buildings – state of the art 

 Hybrid buildings represent the newest direction in Best-Hall’s product development. 

– Hybrid buildings are a cost-effective alternative that offers the best benefits of a PVC-covered building, and a fixed prefabricated building. When the client has to have an operating or production space quickly and without risk, the Hybrid and the unbroken dry chain of its construction process is an unbeatable combination. We are pleased that with this line we have succeeded in combining 40 years of experience in delivering membrane cladded buildings with truly state-of-the-art new solutions. The Hybrid structure also gives companies the opportunity to brand the building impressively according to their own look. 

TEXT: Mia Heiskanen


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