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IFS IoT Business Connector enables to turn the data gathered from IoT devices to actual business profits and savings. Time based maintenance routines and precautions are no longer needed, when actions can be done when necessary.

IFS™ is a globally recognized leader in developing and delivering enterprise software for enterprise resource planning (ERP), enterprise asset management (EAM) and enterprise service management (ESM). IFS offers applications that enable companies to respond quickly to market changes and use resources in a more agile way to achieve better business performance and competitive advantages.

IFS’s newly launched IoT Business Connector provides companies with the means to capture and analyze sensor data; translate events into actionable observations and initiate actions in IFS enterprise software. Connected business will be able to lower costs, raise revenue and free up working capital. Maintenance, service and production processes will improve thanks to the real-time insights that are generated. Service will be enhanced because facilities and equipment can issue alerts before actions are required, greatly reducing the need for—and costs related to—manual inspections.

“Internet of Things is already a concrete part of our everyday lives and businesses. IFS IoT Business Connector helps us to get more accurate data faster from the machines that run our businesses. It helps us to intensify our operations and release time from making precautions and calendar-based routines. It´s sort of the same thing as nursing a mute by holding their hand and drawing care instructions from that rather than using machines that can communicate better and make smarter decisions by analyzing accurate data,” Hannu Hynninen, the consulting manager of IFS Finland, visualizes.

Pilot in extreme environment

One of IFS IoT Business Connector’s pilot users is an oil platform. IFS’s interface helps the oil company to determine what actions to take when IoT data analysis reveals observations relevant to the operations. Everything concludes to extracting the data and using it to make machines work better, for longer and with less downtime. Bringing together operational and informational technology highlights also security.

“An oil platform is an extremely complicated facility which is exposed to varying weather conditions from storms to cold and heat. Before, a single machine maintenance was done calendar-based, but now IoT provides inexpensive and user-friendly sensors that can make accurate measurements on how the equipment is being used and about the condition factors affecting the usage such as the heat of the machinery. The maintenance actions can be done to the precise machine in the precise conditions when necessary, not just in case. It increases also security when possible flaws or problems can be predicted,” Hynninen explains.

In addition to enhancing business, IoT brings new, yet unknown, possibilities. Through service innovation, IoT connectivity and data analytics can be turned into new revenues.

“Imagination is the only limit. For example, consumers can get extensive benefits when properties get smart and need-based maintenance services. Complex and expensive communications equipment can be simplified and maintenance requests can be send automatically without the need of middlemen.”

Text: Pauliina Toivanen

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