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Is your company about to enter new territory in regard to the bio-economy or developing an existing business? SciTech-Service can flesh out your idea to the point of reality and provide it with a strong foundation on which your business can firmly stand. 

SciTech-Service is a technology development company that offers process development and laboratory services in biorefining and man-made fibres. 

“Our company was founded in 1983, so we have been at the heart of the biomass business for a long time. Our experience covers the whole cellulose raw material field: from softwood and hardwood to bamboo, straw and sugarcane,” says Managing Partner Eric Enqvist

The bio-based economy is familiar ground for SciTech-Service, but for many companies it is still a somewhat obscure entity. 

“The central manifestations of the bio-economy are the traditional products of the pulp and paper industry, but a new wave of products is rapidly becoming available. It requires changes in value chains and technology as well as change management. And before you turn a piece of corn stalk into a t-shirt, the bottleneck for change lies mostly in technology. You need to be purposeful if you wish to develop the technology involved so that the quality of the final product is good enough,” adds Senior Partner Heikki Hassi

Should you enhance existing processes or start from scratch?

In particular, SciTech-Service provides companies with outsourced research and development. 

“We are a complimentary resource for companies who need in-depth understanding related to the use of biomass. When a company wishes to explore new ground in the bio-based economy, or to enhance an existing process or business activity, we analyse their problem based on technology and science. Through this, we´re able to find a strong foundation upon which the company can firmly stand,” clarifies Enqvist. 

“The customer could have, for example, a process sketch that we´re able to develop into a functional industrial process. After that the customer can easily contact an equipment supplier, investor or engineering company,” adds Hassi.

Discover competitive advantages through technology

The bedrock of SciTech-Service is technology. The company’s motto even speaks to this: technology is the ability of applying scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially for achieving industrial and business objectives. 

“There are plenty of opportunities in the bio-based economy, but the starting point must always be the final product requirements. Thus, it isn’t enough that a product is simply bio-based, it must also be a product that the market wants, and that can be produced cost efficiently. If the customer has a technology and concept that make it possible to manufacture high-quality products from renewable raw materials, they have a good chance of succeeding – and we can be a very important link in ensuring their success,” states Hassi.

Text: Mia Heiskanen

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SciTech-Service is a technology development company that offers consulting and laboratory services in biorefining and regenerated cellulosics.
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