Christian Henssler, Managing Director, Citec Germany


Citec is going strong in the engineering sector


Citec Germany can provide German-speaking countries with convenient local project management and engineering services in Germany, along with a Citec global competence pool.

Citec is a strong player within the engineering sector when it comes to global resourcing. "As part of the Citec Group, we operate on the principle of ‘Global resourcing and a local presence.’ This means that we can benefit from the expert resources of any other Citec country whenever needed, from both a cost and project execution point of view", says Christian Henssler, Managing Director, Citec Germany.

Henssler is happy that, with two years still fairly new in the German market, Citec has already gained a good reputation with its customers for being a trustworthy, reliable player. "Our customers know we get things done. Another important factor is our personnel, available both locally and globally via the Citec competence pool. It allows us to grow our capacities by putting the necessary expertise into a project – even if we need to bring those from India or Norway. This enables us to take care of even large-scale projects with maximum flexibility and a short mobilisation time."

Strong power plant engineering

The Citec headquarter is in Finland. "Thus, we can bring our vast experience within the power field plants straight from Finland. Our strength is that we as a Citec company have experience in thousands of executed projects in the power plant sector, globally. From the client’s point of view, Citec is a risk-free choice in this sector. From the market point of view, the change of legislation in Germany has opened up market potential which we would love to tap into."

From single- to multi-discipline projects

As a global company, Citec strives towards improving the value and usability of customer products and processes in multi-discipline engineering and technical communication. "That means that although we are, even at this very moment, executing hundreds of thousands of engineering hours for a Client’s single disciplined project; we can also easily execute co-projects in all engineering disciplines. From Civil to Piping, Electric, Automation, Process Design and Project Management to Site Supervision and Information Management. This is what Citec as a company can and will offer our customers", Henssler stresses.

Interesting new areas of business

In the broad perspective, Henssler is seeing positive opportunities in the local markets, and the company has also increased its footing in completely different sectors. For example, we are operating actively within the Rail industry, where we have moved towards component engineering. Another growing area of business is Galley design – meaning the interior design of airplanes. We provide detailed engineering work for suppliers in the airbus industry, which is unique even in the Citec world. Therefore, I foresee that the future will continue to provide us interesting opportunities, Henssler concludes.

Text: Mia Heiskanen


Citec provides multi-discipline engineering and information management services for the industry.
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