Juhana and Päivi at a terrace meeting. In Finland, you can extend the summer using glazing.


Creating a transparent world


Make your dreams of modern natural living and enjoying scenic landscapes come true with CoverGlobal Ltd. Using glazing solutions, you can create a unique feeling of space and coziness in your home, enjoying your newfound comfort in the company of family and friends.

As autumn approaches and the days get cooler, it’s time to enjoy the colorful scenery on an enclosed terrace or balcony, where a frameless glazing system can offer an unobstructed view over a courtyard, out to sea, or across a mountain range. 

The possibilities for using the innovative balcony and terrace solutions developed by Cover-Global vary widely according to the climate, construction culture and consumption habits of the object. 

“In Finland, you can extend the summer using glazing. In the southern states of the USA, glass walls which can open fully and that substitute outer walls and guarantee a complete panorama view all year round are becoming more and more popular,” says CoverGlobal’s Development Director, Juhana Berner.

Besides the USA, the market is now growing most quickly in Russia and France. One forerunner in glass construction is Switzerland, where partner company SIO AG has branded itself with Cover products through more than 20 years of collaboration. SIO AG (www.cover.ch) is today one of the leading players in the Swiss market.


The success of CoverGlobal is based upon a patented idea of a glazing system with horizontal running gear that can slide over various angles without a frame – something that the founder of the company, Jarmo Sjöholm, developed in his garage in 1991. Today, retailers around the world sell products incorporating this innovation. 

“My husband Jarmo had a great vision of the unique product that is still the core of our business activities. His legacy has given us the drive and determination to pursue the message of our company. Like the durability of our products, long-term cooperation and partner relations are a part of our values. It is important for us that our partners know the origin of our products and can depend on their quality and safety under any condition,” says CEO Päivi Rajamäki.

CoverGlobal is participating in Batimat 2017, a major construction business event that will be held in Paris on November 6th – 10th.

Text: Anna Väre

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Cover Global

COVERGLOBAL is the original developer of the COVER glazing system and a pioneer in the balcony glazing industry. The company is building a global network together with local partners, offering tools to support their business activities. The company employs 10 people and has an annual turnover of €2.5m.
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