QPR ProcessAnalyzer helps companies find the biggest potential for automation in their business processes, emphasize Marja Rajamäki and Matti Erkheikki.


Delivers facts for optimal process improvement


The QPR ProcessAnalyzer analyzes transactional data to show what actually happens in business processes. The comprehensive overview gained with process mining aids decision makers to take correct actions when enhancing their productivity related to company operations – through robotics and automation.

Business development manager Marja Rajamäki emphasizes that peoples’ idea of a company’s business process flows often deviates quite a lot from the reality. When starting a data-driven analysis, we define the process scope with the customer to capture the relevant data and understand how processes run and perform in reality.

“QPR ProcessAnalyzer increases transparency. Through transactional data, it becomes clear for our customers, which phases of the process are standard enough to be automated. At the same time, any further development needed for automation to be profitable are also revealed,” specifies Rajamäki.

“In QPR’s data-driven process analysis, we can choose to focus even on a single process step up to a comprehensive end-to-end view on the whole process. It is then easy for the customer to develop their operations based on facts,” explains Senior Vice President Matti Erkheikki.

Text: Maija-Liisa Saksa



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