Juha Kukka, Strategic Architect and Digital Evangelist at Enfo


Disrupt Yourself


Enfo provides entire end-to-end IoT solutions to help their customers disrupt their own businesses.

No industry is going to avoid disruption,” says Juha Kukka, Strategic Architect and Digital Evangelist at Enfo. “If you used to sell products you need to start providing services. If you used to provide one-off services you need to move to a subscription model, and vice-versa. In many industries, IoT enables business disruption.”

Enfo specialises in enabling digitalisation, from cloud adoption to business intelligence. In the Internet of Things they provide full stack end-to-end solutions.

“Many players only provide a portion of a company’s needs, such as the platform or analytics,” Kukka says. “We can do it all. Enfo can provide all the sensors, installation, data management and analytics.”

Enfo can gather all the relevant data from a production line, but the key is to properly manage the data and use it to make good business decisions. The data can be visualised and enriched to better understand the system and how to create something better.

“We can identify bottlenecks and how to optimise production,” explains Kukka. “We can determine which shifts are efficient and which are not. Alerts can be set up, such as warnings about problems or potential downtimes.”

Kukka terms this “digital manufacturing” and points out that the IoT is not about technology, but about as an enabler for new business.

“We sensor the environment and understand usage patterns, locations, wear and tear and other metrics,” he says. “The data is analysed and visualised, and if done correctly you will create new services. Also, remember to keep your solutions open for everyone. By bringing openness into the picture you also bring more innovation and partners to the ecosystem.”

This philosophy isn’t about squeezing a bit more efficiency out of an old process. It is about complete disruption.

“Disrupt yourself,” Kukka confirms. “Enfo is doing it to ourselves as well. For instance, hosting data centres used to be one of our biggest businesses but now we are taking data to the cloud. We host events about disrupting your own company. You need to do it before your competitors do.”


Text: David J. Cord


In the next few years, digitalization will significantly change the operations of all of our customers. This creates a great growth potential for Enfo, especially within Internet of Things, Cloud Services, Analytics, Sercurity and Mobility.
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