Escarmat is the place for reliable automation know-how


Escarmat advocates that speed and reliability are of the essence in all client projects. ”A contract manufacturer cannot be the bottleneck in a client’s projects. That is why our security of supply is 100%,” states CEO Veikko Junttila.

Electrical engineering and automation operations are activities where you need uncompromising workmanship, speed, and flexibility. “Reliability is our trump card. This means that our activities are high quality from start to finish and that we keep up even in the tightest of client project schedules. According to a recent report, our security of supply was 100% and quality 99% – numbers we stick to.” 

Escarmat Ltd, which was founded in 1994, employs more than 90 experts in Vaasa. “I think that the fact that we have been able to retain our position as a partner of global players like ABB and Wärtsila during our entire time of operation, partnerships that are still going on, bears testimony to the competence of our employees.”

A straightforward partner

According to Junttila, Escarmat’s goal is to act as the most trusted partner for its clients, in logic and automation skills. “We are seeking long-term partnerships in order to be able to complement others with our own competencies; the core operations of machine and instrument manufacturers in a comprehensive way, regardless of whether they are automation, electrification or engineering operations. It is easy to work with us: we are straightforward and approachable and our organization is ready to react quickly to the needs of the clients.”

Text: Mia Heiskanen


Oy Escarmat Ltd tehostaa asiakkaan toimintaa modernin automaatioteknologian ja ennakkoluulottoman suunnittelun avulla.
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