Omata, the world’s first analogue and connected speedometer for bikes.


Haltian’s IoT expertise strengthens their product development


Haltian is the largest and most successful spinoff from Nokia globally. Based in Oulu, the young company has already racked up a string of impressive connected devices.

With our headcount of almost 100 professionals, we have a world class team who are experienced and skilled,” says CEO Pasi Leipälä. “We can develop a wireless device from an idea to a mass market product, and we can do it within one team.”

Haltian’s product development team earned their wings in the tough wireless business. Now they offer their clients everything from design to engineering, testing to support. Moreover, this is backed by Haltian’s Thingsee, the customizable IoT devices platform and sensors, including development and management.

“The Thingsee IoT platform can be customised as needed,” Leipälä continues. “They take their idea for custom devices and applications and put it on top of the existing platform.”

These include the Ōura wellness ring which is packed with health sensors, Omata, the world’s first analogue and connected speedometer for bikes, and the Quieton noise suppression earplugs.

“I can’t tell you more of our product development projects,” laughs Leipälä. “Those are our clients’ and Finns know how to keep a secret!”

Text: David J. Cord


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