MyCashflow partner Pekka Juntunen demonstrates how easy it is to launch an online store with their tool.


How about setting up your online business in just 30 seconds?


MyCashflow is an easy-to-use e-commerce platform for online stores that makes it possible anywhere.

MyCashflow is a system for online stores that enables any entrepreneur to open an online store of their own in about 30 seconds! User-friendliness is something that MyCashflow takes very seriously.

“The tool is so simple that practically anyone can launch an online store and make it operational. Also, one of our greatest strengths is our excellent customer service. Our highly-motivated team does all it takes to find a way out from any situation, which is reflected in positive customer feedback from our happy customers,” explains partner Pekka Juntunen.

Trusted by over 1,500 companies

In fact, user-friendliness, the quality of the customer service and technical support are the main reasons why customers select MyCashflow.

“Every day we do our best to make 10,000 people happy. And, according to our customers, we are doing a good job of this. Today, almost 20% of all stores with an online presence in Finland use our services to run their businesses online smoothly.”

According to Juntunen, the service is suitable for online stores of all sizes. “Our customers include all sort of businesses, from globally listed enterprises to micro companies. We have integrated the service with all of the most important methods of payment and delivery as well as marketing tools, which are available to all of our customers at no extra costs.”

MyCashflow helps your business go international

The number of web stores is growing globally, and the volumes are also on the increase. “The beauty of this work is that we can really see the growth stories of our customers. It is great that we, for our part, can help companies grow through online business. When the online business scales up, we can easily provide the necessary additional tools. On top of that, our online store is already available in almost twenty language versions, including languages such as Icelandic, Japanese or Lithuanian. We do a lot of customer-specific projects – from Adwords marketing to online store layout development. Our Enterprise service even assists customers in product development.” 

New experts needed!

Juntunen explains that the company that developed MyCashflow also intends to target international markets. 

“We will start the internationalisation from Estonia, after which we will expand activities to the European market. Integration on new markets presupposes local presence and know-how, which naturally means recruiting in Finland and Estonia, and later – for example – in Germany, the Netherlands, and Poland. 

Text: Mia Heiskanen

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MyCashflow is an excellent solution for creating and maintaining an easy-to-use and smooth online store for your business (especially if you are selling from or to Finland). We're the largest SaaS online store provider in Finland with ~20 % market share.
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