Hanna Tuominen-Salo, Medical Director at HYKSin


HYKSin & Helsinki University Hospital State of the art – Close at heart


HYKSin offers health care services for Finnish and international private patients in the Helsinki University Hospital, where 100,000 surgeries are performed each year. The hospital ranks among the best and biggest hospitals in Europe.

Helsinki University Hospital is the biggest of Finland’s university hospitals and is among the largest in Europe. Consisting of a total of 24 hospitals and specialized clinics, the hospital receives half a million patients and is responsible for 100,000 surgeries per year. With 18,000 babies delivered every year the hospital accounts for a third of Finland’s annual births.

Through HYKSin, the patient will be able to receive treatment from the most experienced specialists at the different clinics of the Helsinki University Hospital. “HYKSin’s patients are treated by the university hospital’s top specialists. Our patients also benefit from the university hospital’s state-of-the-art equipment and latest evidence-based treatment methods,” Medical Director Hanna Tuominen-Salo, explains.

HYKSin is focusing in demanding medical care. “Treatment of heart diseases, oncological and surgical treatment of various forms of cancer and brain surgery are every-day affairs for us. We also use robot and video-assisted surgery,” Tuominen-Salo clarifies.

Outstanding medical care

Patients also seek out treatment through HYKSin because of Finland’s reputation for outstanding medical care. 

“We are competent and safe. Our maternal, childbirth and postoperative mortality rates are among the lowest in the world. We also demonstrate outstanding treatment results in many medical specialties, such as cancer treatment,” Tuominen-Salo explains.

HYKSin provides Helsinki University Hospital’s medical services for international and Finnish private patients. 

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HYKSin produces Helsinki University Hospi­tal’s high-quality and safe medical services for inter­na­tional and private patients. Our focus is in services within the most demanding medical care. We offer top medical expertise with fixed prices in more than 20 medical specialties.
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