In the restaurant world, you have to offer engaging experiences around the clock


The Finnish company Restamax is building upon its international success story in the restaurant business by taking advantage of its people’s passion and their customer orientation to offer diners unique restaurant experiences for both regular visits and festive events, regardless of the time of day.

In Restamax’s philosophy, growth and expansion to international markets do not rule out entrepreneurship and the touch of passionate people. “We have a remarkable story. In just a short period of time, we have become a major actor in the restaurant business in Finland, been floated on the stock market, and have laid the foundation for internationalization, when we entered the Danish market,” says CEO Juha Helminen.

According to Helminen, the aim of Restamax is to offer its customers personalized and multifaceted restaurant experiences. “People need variety as they travel now more than ever, and social media has made it easy to get new ideas and inspiration from all over the world. The restaurant business has to adapt to this and offer our customers ever more fascinating experiences, regardless of the day of the week or time of day.” 

Restaurateurs’ touch is important 

How do you achieve this? “In our opinion, the best result is achieved by having personalized restaurants under our umbrella, whose vision and touch is born and developed through the cooperation of restaurateurs and us.”  

Cock’s & Cows and The Bird are opening new branches at the Copenhagen airport

A fresh example is the expansion to Denmark, where Restamax has purchased the popular Cock’s & Cows and The Bird, which operate together 11 restaurants and bars in Copenhagen. 

“The founders of Cock’s & Cows and The Bird, Lasse Wiwen and Daniel Knuttelin, have remained at the helm, and their expertise has laid a solid foundation for the growth of our corporation in Denmark and other northern European countries. We are opening new branches of Cock´s & Cows and The Bird at Copenhagen airport,” Helminen says.

Text: Mia Heiskanen

Are you travelling to Helsinki? Visit these iconic restaurants

In Finland, Restamax has just acquired shares of RR Holding Oy (Royal Ravintolat), meaning that the iconic restaurants like Savoy, Löyly, Elite, Ravintola Palace and Ravintola Teatteri now also belong to this innovative Finnish restaurant group. 

Most of Restamax restaurants are food restaurants. ”Our best-known restaurant and café concepts include Classic American Diner, Bella Roma, Colorado Bar & Grill, Purpur, Masu Asian Bistro & Bar, Bodega Salud, Stefan’s Steakhouse, Thai Papaya and Wayne’s Coffee,” Helminen says.


Restamax Plc is a Finnish group specialising in restaurant services and labour hire. Restamax’s restaurant portfolio comprises more than 200 restaurants all over Finland and more than 10 restaurants in Denmark. The Smile Henkilöstöpalvelut subsidiary supplies thousands of employees nationally and diversely to different sectors. Restamax has grown strongly throughout its history, and its growth is clearly stronger than the general development of both sectors.
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