Business Director Juha Sarlund and Sales Manager Rikhard Blomqvist


Industrial nitrogen oxide emissions under control through Yara's expertise

Legislation requres industrial plants to clean flue gas emissions laden with nitrogen oxides, which deteriorate air quality and cause pulmonary diseases. 

For the purpose of cleaning nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions, There are highly-efficient solutions in which ammonia water, or urea solution, is used as a transmitter. A similar technology is also used for diesel-fuelled vehicles.

”Amongst the flue gases you spray a reagent, which breaks down the nitrogen oxides responsible for deteriorating air quality and harming the lungs, into nitrogen and water vapour”, says Sales Manager Rikhard Blomqvist from Yara. “It is also possible to restrict these emissions by using higher-quality fuel or by the under-utilisation of plants, but the cleaning method developed is clearly the most advantageous.

”We have extensive expertise in cleaning nitrogen oxides fromflue gases , covering different technologies and chemical products, specialising in reagents. We create the solutions that are the most suitable for the individual needs of each customer. These can be implemented in new plants as well as retrofitted into existing ones”, Business Director Juha Sarlund continues.

Yara is one of the world’s leading operators in the field of reagent technology. Yara delivers reagents for all of manufacturers’ systems. The company has a strong local position in Finland. Here Yara has ammonia water and urea solution factories of its own.

A forerunner in clean technology

”We offer quick, reliable and secure overall service. We study the unloading places of every customer’s tankers in advance, for example. As part of our service concept, we monitor the surfaces on behalf of the customer and deliveries are automated. Everything is taken care of, from the customer’s point of view”, Blomqvist promises.

”Our nitrogen oxide cleaning solutions are in use all around the world. Energy and emissions policies influence how quickly these possibilities will be taken into use in society. We have the readiness to serve our customers as their needs grow and emissions requirements tighten. We want to be a forerunner in clean technology in the future as well as today, and we are continually advancing our technologies and services in order to keep up our position”, Sarlund says with pride.


• Yara’s nitrogen-oxide cleaning technology and reagents are known under the name NOxCare. 

• Yara is a forerunner in clean technology and one of the world’s leading-edge companies in the field. 

• Out of the cleaned nitrogen-oxide (NOx) emissions in Europe, approximately 50% are processed using Yara’s reagents. This emission reduction equals the annual NOx emissions of France. 

 • Yara has invested approximately EUR 600 million in Finland alone in one decade.


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