Toni Halme, the Head of Business Line at Ikano Bank. Photo: Pauliina Toivanen


Invest without capital


Even though new generations might never step their feet in traditional banks, Ikano Bank believes that a real person that has time for customers face to face is the most important foundation for low threshold financial solutions.

Simplifying and common sense – not exactly foregone conclusions in banking industry. But for Ikano Bank, common sense, working together and daring to do things differently are its core values.

“We believe in quality management. Even though we are financial professionals, services that we offer need to be simplified, clear and transparent, also to our customers. Working together happens not only inside our workplace but also with our customers,” Toni Halme, the Head of Business Line at Ikano Bank, explains.


Ikano Bank belongs to the family-owned Ikano Group which was born among the Swedish furniture giant IKEA. Ikano Bank has been the forerunner financier for decades: it offers companies leasing to cover almost any kind of furniture and equipment purchases. Leasing is flexible, competitive and safe option to invest without the need to tie up capital. In fact, leasing can be more profitable way to invest compared to buying.

In leasing company pays only for the usage of the equipment.

“The culture of ownership is fading. However, a competitive company needs to have up-to-date equipment. Any equipment that has an aftermarket can be financed with leasing, in which case company’s cash flow stays smooth and cash reserves can be released for business development.”

Formally, leasing is renting of fixed assets, employee cars and computers are commonly known examples of it. Recently more and more ICT companies, small equipment manufacturers and sellers and especially healthcare services have found leasing as a purpose-built financial solution that fits their individual needs. In Ikano Bank, the financed amounts start from 1,000 euros and the leasing periods from 12 months.

“The overall impression towards leasing has changed to more eligible and wanted.”

“The traditional banking industry is about to go through a massive fragmentation in few years. New innovations are emerging, and banks specialize in specific industries.”

Positive Disruption

The traditional banking industry is about to go through a massive fragmentation in few years. Toni Halme sees that the disruption of banking is generally a positive thing. New innovations emerging, even more banks specialize in specific industries.

“There will be lots of new challengers and things will be done in a whole new manner, totally different services will be at hand. For customers, this is only a good thing. We can’t forget our existing customers and we can’t close out new innovations either. Banks need to have systems that are easily scalable so that they have the capacity to tailor their products to meet their customers’ individual needs. This is where we need different kinds of new digital solutions.”

Text: Pauliina Toivanen

Ikano Bank

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