The most modern welding automation is used in Koja’s new fan factory.


Koja boldly implements hundred-year plan


Koja is family-owned Finnish company that has been operating in the cleantech field for over 80 years. At the core of its activities are perseverance in investments, building customer relationships, and above all, a strong belief in Finnish know-how. 

Koja is an international enterprise that develops and manufactures cost- and energy-efficient solutions. The backbone of the company’s business activities is air, including air handling solutions for buildings, air conditioning systems in ships, process fans for industry, and comprehensive building technology solutions. The company, founded in 1935, is currently owned by the third generation of the Aalto family. “The family business background gives our activities momentum not typical for the quarterly economy. Our owners have created a hundred-year plan for the company, which definitely also gives employees a slightly different perspective on daily activities. For our customers, it is obvious in the way we want to build long-term customer relationships and offer sustainable and energy-efficient solutions,” explains Matti Sippola, CEO of Koja Oy.

Strong growth from international business activities

By no means does long-term planning in Koja’s activities mean stagnation. “Ten years ago, we were still a traditional Finnish equipment manufacturer, but today we are a significant provider of overall solutions, and we have been steadily increasing our business activities on the global market. Our subsidiaries, Koja USA Inc. in

Florida and Koja OOO in Russia, as well as the office in Sweden, support international sales and service organization and bring services closer to the customers. Despite this, we are still committed to keeping production and workplaces in Finland. We believe in Finnish know-how, but it must be at a world-class level if we are to manage against international competition.”

A leap in growth through investments

Koja is in fact currently implementing its largest investment program ever, by investing EUR 50 million over five years in modernizing and expanding production in Finland. Last year, the company invested several million euros in modernizing the manufacturing of air handling units for ships and buildings in Jalasjärvi. This year, a modern fan factory and a research and development center will be completed in Tampere. 

“The new fan factory will mean even better quality and productivity, shorter lead times and manufacturing of fans in new dimensions. Our unique R&D center, which it is even at a global scale, allows for faster development of our own products and solutions, as we can test them un-der real conditions. For customers, this means more energy-efficient equipment and systems for both buildings and ships in maritime business activities. By using the testing data hall built in the R&D center, we can also go in for delivery packages in connection with ventilation and cooling of data halls. 

Our aim is to exceed one hundred million euros in turnover by the beginning of the 2020s.”

Text: Mia Heiskanen


Koja toteuttaa kustannus- ja energiatehokkaita ilmankäsittelyratkaisuja sekä puhaltimia, jotka ylittävät odotukset.
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