The Mercedes-Benz A-class and GLC-model, which are manufactured in Uusikaupunki, both contribute in making Mercedes-Benz the number one premium car brand in Finland.


Mercedes-Benz #madeinuusikaupunki is a Finnish star story


The Made in Uusikaupunki Mercedes-Benz models have sped up not only brand sales, but also Finnish car exports to a new record. And the story goes on…

Who could have thought that more new cars are currently exported from Finland than are imported to Finland? The explanation for the phenomenal growth in Finnish car exports can be found in the Valmet Automotive car factory in Uusikaupunki, which is currently manufacturing the Mercedes-Benz A-Class and GLC models. The growth of Finnish car exports has followed the growth of production at the Uusikaupunki plant, and its value is expected to continue growing, due to Daimler AG’s announcement that it will continue to cooperate with Valmet Automotive on future Mercedes-Benz car models. 

Confidence in Finnish skills

It is therefore no wonder that Mercedes-Benz importer and retailer Veho Oy Ab has proudly attached the slogan ”Made in Uusikaupunki” to the A-class and the GLC model. “We think it is a tremendous homage to Finnish skill that Mercedes-Benz, considered one of the strongest brands in the world, chose Finns to manufacture their star products. That being said, Valmet Automotive has also met their expectations. Last year, Daimler even named them their best partner – a fine achievement!” says Kasper Jansson, marketing manager for Mercedes-Benz passenger car imports to Finland. 

“Together, it is a question of strategic partnership, which in the future will take on new forms. It is a positive signal from the point of view of the entire Finnish economy,” adds Sales Director of Mercedes-Benz passenger cars Klaus Pohjala.

Strong demand for Mercedes-Benz continues 

From Veho Oy Ab’s point of view, it is a positive sign that the demand for premium Mercedes-Benz models continues to show upward trend. “We are number one in premium models for the first time since 2003. The GLC, which is manufactured in Uusikaupunki, has been the best-selling plug-in hybrid in Finland in 2017, and sales of the A-Class continue at record pace,” states Pohjala. 

The start of GLC production in Finland has, according to Pohjala, been viewed as a clear stimulus, especially for corporate sales. “I would nonetheless still challenge Finnish corporate decision-makers to think about whether it pays to emphasize the make of car which directly supports the Finnish economy, industry and expertise, when making a decision. The Finnish automotive industry has to a large extent been based up sub-contracting, but now we have premium-class manufacturing facilities of our own that we can be proud of.” 

How does the star story go on?

It would also be wise to pay attention to news about the star brand in the future. Jansson specifically points at new winds that are blowing from the direction of both Mercedes-Benz and the Uusikaupunki plant. “Next spring, Mercedes-Benz will launch the completely new A-Class, and Valmet Automotive has in turn announced that it will begin production of a new generation Mercedes-Benz compact car.” Whether the new A-Class is up for grabs remains to be seen...

Text: Mia Heiskanen

So, stay tuned to see how this story develops #madeinuusikaupunki 


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