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Movetec offers more than components


If you’ve flown through Helsinki airport you might have noticed the big Movetec sign on the roof of an impressive building. If your company is involved with automation, mechanics or industrial IoT, maybe you should see the inside.

Movetec is a specialist in mechatronics, the mix of mechanical engineering, electronics and industrial IoT. They have helped industrial firms ranging from huge multinationals to smaller and mid-sized companies. Movetec is part of the Addtech Group, a publicly listed company in Sweden which comprises about 140 technical trading companies in 20 countries.

Goal: Add value

“One of the most important things for us is added value,” says Movetec CEO Markku Suominen. “It has always been the key factor in our growth and will play an even bigger role in the future.”

Movetec provides a variety of solutions, from industrial IoT to mechatronics, from motors and drives to machine vision. They offer consulting; technical sales and support; machining, systems installation and design; preassembly; warehousing and marketing.

“We provide top-quality consultation from our knowledgeable and experienced employees,” Suominen continues. “We make sure we get the right solutions for our customers. Our suppliers are global brands who possess good engineering and technical knowhow.”

Building the future

In 2018 Movetec celebrates the 30th anniversary of their founding. Suominen has been with the company for the duration and this autumn is handing over the CEO position to his 30-year-old competent successor Joonas Koski, who has worked at Movetec for three years in various roles.

“I think we have been so successful because there is such a good feeling in the company,” Suominen says. “We get together for sports, hobbies and parties, like for our 30th anniversary. Of course, we are always trying to hire the best talent, but we also see a lot of long careers because people like to work here and have a lot of fun.”

Movetec can look back on its years of adding value to their customers, and, if anything, the future opportunities look very good.

“There has been a great evolution in the industry over three decades,” says Suominen. “We have grown organically and through acquisitions and always focus on the needs of our customers. Our vision is to become the leading supplier of mechatronics, automation and industrial IoT in Finland.”

Text: David J. Cord


We at Movetec Oy provide our customers with solutions within automation, mechanics and industrial IT by selling, marketing, machining and installing mechatronic components and systems. We always offer solutions based on customer needs and our expertise and service are always at hand. We aim at being the leading mechatronics provider in Finland.
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