Nallikari – A four star holiday village on the shore of the Bothnian bay


What could be nicer than kicking off your shoes in the entrance of a high-class villa, sitting down on the sofa, and kicking off a brainstorming discussion, with a view of the sea just outside the window?

This is possible all year round at Nallikari Holiday Village, which offers a breathtaking setting for meetings next to the open Bothnian Bay just a stone’s throw from the center of Oulu.

Accommodation and meetings in high-class villas

At the Nallikari Holiday Village, you can find many good options for business meetings or accommodation all year round. And what’s more, the accommodation is situated only walking distance from the seashore.

The newest addition to the complex is the Poiju Villa area, completed in 2016 and comprising 24 high-quality villas. “The look and level of equipment in the villas is modern and fresh, and in practice they are like small family houses,” says CEO Sirpa Walter. Every villa has a kitchen, dining area, sauna, two bedrooms, a spacious kitchen-living room, open fireplace and a terrace. Some of the villas are semi-detached, and two of them can be combined to accommodate up to 8 + 4 persons.

The biggest of the villas, Villa Kippari, is, according to Walter, also perfectly suited for meetings and parties. “We also let out Villa Kippari for meetings for a day rate without accommodation. In between, you can drop in for lunch or dinner at the beach restaurant or for a cup of coffee at the Holiday Village restaurant.” 

Nature is present in every season

Poiju Villas are modern, archipelago-style buildings with large windows that bring nature directly inside. In the summer, the sun caresses; when autumn arrives, the fall colors enthrall, and in winter visitors can marvel at the blue moments and the freezing sea. The surrounding nature offers an inspiring environment in which to meet guests in any season.

Shall we go skiing or snowshoeing?

In Nallikari, the great outdoors begin on your doorstep. “Our location, close to nature, allows a variety of activities all year round. Guests can rent bikes, cross-country skis, snowshoes and kick sledges from the reception. We also work with activity organizers to put together tailor-made programs and activity packages.” 

The Bothnian Bay and the archipelago are elements that enchant foreign visitors in particular. Even in spring, skiers and wind sport enthusiasts can enjoy themselves on the ice. With the onset of fall, nature trails, bird-watching towers and campfires become keen sources of interest.

Nallikari’s location is, in a word, unique. Nallikari is an island situated just three kilometers from the Central Marketplace in Oulu, along scenic routes through the islands off the coast of the city. 

Text: Mia Heiskanen

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Nallikari on julkinen virkistys- ja matkailualue Oulun Hietasaaressa. Hietasaari erottaa kaupungin keskustan ja Oulujokisuiston Perämerestä.
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