– We manage the whole value chain from engineering to production and provide effective user training and after sales support, CEO Pauli Ojala explains.


Nordautomation delivers what’s promised to the log handling value chain


Nordautomation manages the whole log handling value chain with high work morale and reliability.

Finnish Nordautomation was founded 1991 to serve the wood processing industry. The company is now a leading log handling supplier expanding into new markets. Nordautomation’s marketing, sales, product development, electrification and automation, planning and project management, administration and management are located in Kristiinankaupunki, employing over twenty persons. The production is in Alajärvi. 

– We manage the whole value chain from engineering to production and provide effective user training and after sales support, CEO Pauli Ojala explains.

Delivering the promised

Nordautomation designs and produces technical solutions for log handling, where top performance is combined with reliability and durability. - Our customers expect us to understand their needs and requirements, and to deliver turn-key solutions. Achieving the best solution requires open interaction between the client and our designers, planners and constructors. Our engineering team brings its experience, technical knowledge, industry expertise and insights to develop the best solution.

According to Ojala the key driver within Nordautomation is high work morale and reliability. 

– Delivering log handling equipment to a sawmill is a challenging project. Keeping to timetable is vital and end product quality must be excellent. Our personnel are well aware of that and therefore highly committed to deliver what’s been agreed upon. Good team spirit gives more results than pointless bureaucracy and hierarchy.

Eyes set for new markets

Today, the company exports log handling equipment far overseas thanks to well-managed project references. 

– Over 50% of our turnover comes from export and we are actively seeking for new markets. Finland, Sweden and Norway are our domestic markets, and we want to increase further our exports to more remote destinations.

Ojala names a successful project reference from Australia, where Nordautomation delivered a large sawmill project. 

– Australia is an interesting market where a tree becomes harvestable in 25–35 years. Nordautomation’s efficient sawmill equipment is therefore urgently needed in the large forests Down Under. There are similar markets also for example in New Zealand and Chile.

Great ambition for the future

Solid expertise in Nordautomation project work promises success also in the future. 

– Ecology or ergonomics don't have to weaken the economy. We want to be number one in log-handling; that’s our special field of competence. 

Text: Mia Heiskanen



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