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Finland has the best expertise available across all fields relating to water, including industry, technology, science, or management levels. As such, the Finnish Water Forum acts as a gateway that links you to Finnish water expertise.

Finland is rich in water and the knowledge related to it. The backbone of the Finnish expertise in water is due, in part, to its nearly 190 000 lakes and excellent ground water resources, as well as the serious attention the country has paid to protecting these. 

“We have the best quality water and know-how in the world; our task is to serve as a gateway between global need and our Finnish expertise in water. The Finnish Water Forum represents a vast resource of different experts in the Finnish water sectors who have the knowledge to find solutions to global water challenge,” Managing Director Markus Tuukkanen states.

Quality water is more than just technology

The underlying idea is that in order to guarantee the sustainability of water management you need other elements besides technology: maintenance, management, education, research, planning, and implementation, just to name a few, and all of this expertise exists in Finland. 

“Another interesting aspect, adds Tuukkanen, is the combination of ICT and water expertise, where Finnish companies are strong.”


Technology creates opportunities

A good example is Kemira – a global chemicals company, which serves customers in water-intensive industries. According to Riikka Timonen, Kemira Marketing Director, Kemira is focusing on finding the best solutions for improving customers’ water, energy and raw material efficiency. One of Kemira’s three business segments supports municipalities and water intensive industries in optimizing every stage of their water cycle. 

“From our point of view, technology does not restrict you – it creates additional opportunities, due to combining Kemira’s water expertise and ICT , we can aid our customers in improving their water management processes in such a way that everything is kept under better control.”

A remote water management process – 24/7

From Kemira’s point of view, this means a remote monitoring system, as well as the ability to remotely control a customer’s waterworks processes. 

“We are able, with the help of the Kemira KemConnectTM platform, to read the parameters of a customer’s waterworks processes and to adjust the dosage of chemicals remotely – 24/7. Investing in water utilities is very capital-intense, so by increasing the process automation we can boost customer operations and improve investment results; which we believe is something of global interest.”

Text: Mia Heiskanen

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