Raumaster is known as a renowned supplier of advanced material handling systems and equipment.


Raumaster is a global leader in advanced material handling systems


Raumaster is a world-renowned supplier of advanced material handling systems and equipment. Thanks to over 3 300 delivered projects, and a strong focus on customer needs, the company is now regarded as a global leader in its line of business.

Since its founding, Raumaster has listened to customers’ needs carefully in order to develop a comprehensive design and service process. “We concentrate on delivering reliable processes and turnkey deliveries to our customers. It is typical that our previous customers return to us when they have new delivery needs: well above 70 per cent of all of our projects are repeat orders,” states CEO John Bergman.

It is no wonder then, that Raumaster is known today as a renowned supplier of advanced material handling systems and equipment. 

“We have completed over 3 300 advanced material handling projects globally. Additionally, thanks to the close co-operation with our customers, these projects have taught us more than we could have ever imagined.”

A core expertise in processing biomass and Finnish engineering knowledge

Bergman reveals that Raumaster delivers material processing equipment primarily to power plants, pulp mills and the mining industry. 

“Our core expertise relies heavily on the processing of biomass and bio-based fuels, which can be supplied to power boilers. So, we’re working with renewable energy. We make deliveries, and maintain plants worldwide, but our core know-how relies on the competence of our Finnish engineers.”

Growing towards Asia

The Raumaster portfolio contains deliveries to nearly everywhere from South Africa to Northern Finland, and from Japan to Southern America. 

“Asia is an interesting market for us and during recent years, we have delivered a myriad of different systems into Asian countries. One of the largest deliveries we’ve done, was for the Samcheok Green Power Plant in South Korea. Samcheok plant has four boilers with a capacity of 4x550 MWe. Coal is used as the primary and biomass as the secondary fuel.” 

Biofuel storage underground

Another interesting reference point is the fuel processing system of Fortum’s Värtan, co-owned by Stockholm city power plant in Stockholm, Sweden.

“The specifics of this project include the fact that the entirety of the fuel storage is situated underground, and fuel is received from ships, rail and trucks. We delivered the whole fuel processing system for this project, including devices for the internal processing of fuel, and the systems for processing fly ash, lime and sand.”

Text: Mia Heiskanen

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Global leader in material handling systems
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