Sensationally Good Chocolate – Finnish Leader Raw Chocolate

We have enjoyed chocolate for about 4,000 years, but much of modern chocolate has drifted from its roots. Packed with additives and highly processed, many chocolates today only contain a tiny fraction of actual cocoa. 

This isn’t the case with Leader Raw Choco products. Leader’s chocolate is created using the finest organic and unroasted Criolla raw cocoa beans from Peru or Ecuador. We make the products ourselves in our modern Finnish facilities, where we control the process and all the ingredients to guarantee the highest quality. 

Available on Finnair European and intercontinental flights and in retail stores, our Raw Choco comes in a variety of tasty flavours, such as Almond & Sea Salt and Lemon & Ginger. 

Raw chocolate is packed with nutrients and antioxidants but we don’t just make chocolate in a bit healthier and natural form; we make chocolate which also tastes great. 

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