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Suomi – Finland 100 – a trip through Finnish classical music


The Ondine compilation set ‘Suomi–Finland 100’ offers a magnificent cross-section of Finnish music from the past 100 years, including significant works from each decade.

Ondine is a Finnish record label founded in 1985, specializing in classical music. With a catalogue of more than 600 releases to date, Ondine has established itself as one of the world’s most highly valued classical record labels. Its recordings by top artists and orchestras from Finland and abroad have received numerous international awards. “Our aim from the very first has been to present the best of Finland’s creative and performing musical arts. We are fortunate that Finland is so wonderfully rich in the field of classical music, and thus superb ground for a record label like Ondine,” says Ondine founder and CEO Reijo Kiilunen.

Suomi–Finland 100 – highlights of Finnish classical music

To honor the centenary of Finland’s independence, Ondine is releasing a set of five compilation CDs, ‘Suomi–Finland 100’, showcasing Finnish orchestral music, concertos, vocal music and chamber music. The set contains both celebrated works and lesser-known works that deserve a wider audience. The box set includes a booklet in Finnish and English exploring milestones in Finnish music over the past century, complementing the listener’s trip through the best classical music that Finland has to offer.

Text: Mia Heiskanen

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