The whole is EXACTLY the sum of its parts


CNC Machining has committed itself to promoting Finnish industry globally. “In us, the customer gets a reliable partner whose quality or manufacturing capability need not be called into question,” states Quality and Development Manager Juuso Herranen. 

CNC Machining, which operates out of Joensuu, specializes in light and mid-heavy CNC machining, and the components that we produce are used, for instance, in turbo compressors, transmissions, heavy machinery, and equipment for the process industry. Thanks to our network, we are able to offer our customers every service under the same roof, from design and manufacturing to assembly. In addition to our extensive range of services, our competitive advantages include modern machinery and equipment but, above all, the strong craftsmanship and work attitude of our employees. In our company, you can literally see that the whole is exactly the sum of its parts – whether talking about the product or the team making it,” Herranen explains.

Well-designed is half-done

The strength of the company is its own design. Its strength lies in its excellent design of manufacturing and manufacturability, which guarantees functioning parts and durable assembly. The company can support the customer’s product design from the point of view of structures, materials and manufacturing thanks to the modern SolidWorks software used by the 3D design services. This increases cost efficiency significantly.

Continuous renewal is the way to operate

Most of the company’s customers operate on the global market. “In order to keep up with the competition, we continuously upgrade our manufacturing methods and equipment. Even now, we have an extension in our factory hall underway, through which we will increase our production capacity and at the same time raise the level of automation. Thus, we will receive even better leverage in the machining of pieces and ability to meet our customers’ needs.” 

Quality and customer orientation are the alpha and omega

According to Herranen, the areas where CNC Machining wants to distinguish itself on the market are in quality and customer orientation. “We make our expertise available to our customers immediately from the first contact and we cherish long-term customer relationships by being flexible, reliable, and efficient in all that we do. Often, it also happens that a customer for a single job becomes a long-term partner – perhaps this is evidence of our experts’ work ethic and the quality of our work.”

Text: Mia Heiskanen


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The whole is exactly the sum of its parts
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