Ensto’s CEO Ari Virtanen believes in Better life with electricity. Photo: Hanna Knaapi


The wind of megatrends is helping Ensto on their journey towards a better future


Ensto wants to be a pioneer of electrical solutions, whether smart grids, buildings or electrical traffic. The vision is becoming a reality, piece by piece, by putting the favourable winds of megatrends to work for the company. 

Ensto believes in a better life and a more sustainable future by electricity. 

“Everything we do is related to electricity. A year ago we renewed our strategy and defined our purpose. This was summarised by the words Better life with electricity. It means that we use products, services and solutions to do our part in improving the everyday life of all people. That is the premise of our operations,” states CEO Ari Virtanen.

The wind of megatrends has been harnessed by the company

According to Virtanen, the company also had some deep conversations about the megatrends affecting Ensto’s business. 

“They are like the wind. We cannot influence its direction, but we can adjust our sails in a way that lets us go where we want to.”

Some of the megatrends identified by Ensto are e.g. urbanisation, digitalisation, responsibility and social change. Virtanen has examples to concretise them. 

“In China, some 400 million people will be moving into cities from the countryside in the near future. This will change the structure of cities, making them more dependent on electricity. Digitalisation is an enabler for the construction and energy industries, where Ensto has a strong presence.”

Virtanen believes that digitalisation will make a big entrance into the construction industry, making it possible to speak of genuinely intelligent buildings. Social change will allow people to live a lot longer, wanting to stay at home and get services that help with everyday tasks. Also, it is a fact that traffic will be electrified.

The smart city framework

The framework for these megatrends is the smart city and the ecosystems contained within it, into which Ensto is investing and developing solutions for. 

“These are the smart distribution of electricity, construction and traffic. We are well positioned to make electricity more intelligent, so that it may better provide for the needs of future cities and citizens. We want to do our part in facilitating a shift in the construction sector away from a technology and process focused approach and towards a people-centric approach, creating smart buildings that are better able to serve their users. Ensto is already a leading provider of charging stations for electric cars. We believe in the smart charging of cars, and Ensto’s charging stations are already connected to the cloud where they can be controlled remotely. The foundation exists, making it easy to carry on,” Virtanen concludes.

Text: Mia Heiskanen


Ensto has made life better with electricity through times and generations. During the 60th anniversary Ensto will celebrate with 60 acts for better life and for a better future.

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