Tips for business travellers – how to cope better with travel in everyday life


What should those who travel a lot pay attention to in order to cope better in everyday life? Experts from Mehiläinen medical centre share their thoughts.

Business travelling affects more and more people. Over a million business trips were made from Finland in 2013. 

“Always carry a small travel med-kit, but pay attention that in the tropics you can only use paracetamols against fevers, not anti-inflammatory drugs.” – AnaMaría Teino

“You should consider your own resiliency if you travel a lot in your work. At what stage the number of trips becomes too stressful depends on your state of health and abilities to recover. The most important thing is to take care of your physical condition. Doing so helps you to manage and recover from stress,” says AnaMaría Teino, occupational health specialist. 

A well-planned trip lightens strain

From a work-wellbeing point of view, it is important for you to be able to influence your own work and work tasks. This is especially true with business travel, since travel days require both work and private life organizing. 

“Even meaningful work quickly starts to put a strain on you if tasks pile up at the office during travel days. Workdays should be sensibly scheduled at each destination as well, since recovery is very important from an efficiency and coping point of view. You can also try to agree on flexibility with your employer. Perhaps you could come to work a little later or do work from home office after a late return,” mentions occupational psychologist Maaret Punto

According to Teino, it is a good idea to schedule departure times sensibly, since an early departure inevitably influences sleep quality at night. “It also pays to prolong one’s sleep before a trip by advancing regular bedtimes.” 

Personal time at the airport

Even your own attitude has an impact on your wellbeing during business traveling. The more positive your approach to travelling is, the less strain you feel from it. “A long wait time at the airport can be frustrating, but perhaps you could look upon it as quality time to use in a beneficial way, for instance by listening to mindfulness-recordings or audio-books,” suggests Punto.

Text: Mia Heiskanen

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  • Get to know your destination on foot. It is easy to take along a pair of sneakers in your flight bag.
  • Even a short burst of exercise at a hotel gym can help you recover from travel fatigue.
  • Water running and swimming counterbalances long-term sitting. 
  • Avoid intensive and heavy exercise late at night. It weakens recovery and sleep quality through the night.



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