Stylish AirD terminals are individually designed to suit each particular interior. The system may be equipped with lights to create a cosier atmosphere.


Update your interior design – and save energy

The new AirD is a unique system that individually adjusts ventilation for various rooms. AirD makes rooms more comfortable by keeping the air fresh and healthy

AirD also reduces energy costs significantly and opens up new possibilities for interior design. The stylish AirD terminal equipment replaces ordinary supply air grilles and can be entirely customised according to the required size, shape and material. AirD separately adjusts ventilation for each room and ensures optimal ventilation in every space. AirD is an ecological solution that helps to save up to 35 % in energy costs, as air “follows” people from one room to another. 

 – AirD’s stylish ventilation terminals constantly monitor ventilation. If increased ventilation is required in one room, the settings are changed for this room only, explains Leena Salmi, Sales and Marketing Manager at AirD. The system is based on an innovative and fully real-time patented technology. This makes AirD ideal for cruise ships, hotels, schools and offices – basically, any space in which comfort and fresh air are very important and where energy costs for ventilation tend to be high. 

TEXT: Maija-Liisa Saksa


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