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Wapice is a leading Internet of Things expert and software partner


Wapice promotes the competitiveness of industrial companies by introducing software solutions and products representing the most innovative technology, to the global market. Among these are Summium, which boosts sales, and IoT-Ticket, which opens the doors to the IoT world. 

Wapice Ltd is a Finnish growth company that currently employs 320 software and electronics experts. 

“We are a software company, with a focus on industry needs. We develop products that, from a technological and software point of view, secure the competitiveness of customers active in the industrial sector. Software in industry is growing at a fierce rate, hence we want to offer service packages utilizing the most innovative technology to our customers; through which they can focus on their own business activities in peace,” says CEO Pasi Tuominen

Summium – put the intelligence of your best salesperson to use

A great example of a Wapice product is the smart sales configurator Summium. 

“In practice, it transfers the intelligence of the best salesperson to be used by all salespersons. Summium CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) is a visual browser-based tool that helps companies sell complicated, as well as customizable, products and services. Through Summium, Finnish export products – with a value of over one billion euros – are being sold even now.” 

IoT-Ticket opens the door to the Internet of Things world

Another fast-growing product is According to Tuominen, its growth is based upon its ease of use. “By using IoT-Ticket you can build a professional and productized IoT user interface in minutes! It gives customers a chance to easily manage their big picture, generate reports and perform analyses. We have, in practice, solved the entire chain, since IoT-Ticket connects a company’s machines and devices to the Internet and creates efficient and innovative business opportunities for industrial companies.”

Text: Mia Heiskanen


Come and meet us at the Hannover Fair! 

HANNOVER MESSE 2017, 24 – 28 April


Wapice Oy on teollisuuden johtava teknologiapartneri
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