”JAMK has a long history with technology and innovation pilots and startups. Through us, they receive assistance in organizing themselves and commercializing products, in networking, developing sales channels and contacts, as well as knowledge of global markets and cultures”, says Matti Hirsilä. Timo Juntunen on the right.


When competence is paramount: International competitiveness through competence development


JAMK University of Applied Sciences in Jyväskylä is an internationally renowned developer of professional competence that works together with companies and organizations both in Finland and abroad. JAMK’s audited and customer-tailored training and development services enhance the competitiveness of companies and public organisations both at home and globally.

In cooperation with national and international network/partners, JAMK offers competence-oriented education for companies and organisations and their customers. 

“We offer Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes both in Finland and abroad. In addition, we can help technology companies train their customers in situations where, after operational training, the customer wants more in-depth education,” says JAMK’s Head of Global Education Services, Timo Juntunen. 

An acknowledged education partner

Through its international degree programmes, JAMK trains competent and multilingual students in logistics, nursing and international business. Made-to-order degree programmes are also available in English in cyber security, programming, information network technologies and health promotion.

“We have tens of degree and exchange students from India, China and Russia, among others,” explains Education Manager Matti Hirsilä, who heads the International Business degree programme. 

JAMK’s degree programmes are internationally recognized and accredited. JAMK’s International Business degree programme received its first international EPAS accreditation in Europe in 2012 and Logistics Engineering was awarded EUR-ACE accreditation in 2014.

JAMK also has fifty years’ experience in vocational teacher education and teacher training in around 20 countries. “Training teachers in modern pedagogical methods is an efficient means of improving quality of learning and working life cooperation,” Juntunen says.

Text: Eila Lokka



Jyväskylän ammattikorkeakoulu on vetovoimainen ja kansainvälinen korkeakoulu. Opiskelijoita meillä on yli 8 500 ja henkilöstöä noin 700. / JAMK University of Applied Sciences is an international higher education institution with expertise in 8 different fields of study. At JAMK we have more than 8000 students from over 70 countries.
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