The business activity of Petra’s Planet is largely based on the core value of a safe childhood.


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Petra’s Planet is a children’s brand, whose products encourage a child’s curiosity in a safe environment. The family of products it belongs to has already gained a foothold around the world, but it still offers interesting opportunities for new licencing partners.

Behind the Petra’s Planet product family, is Finnish Dramaforum Oy. ‘’Petra’s Planet is a children’s brand that is just a little bit different, which has attracted wide international interest’’, says Managing Director Kimmo Kärpijoki

The business activity of Petra’s Planet is largely based on the core value of a safe childhood. “Petra’s Planet empowers children to be active global citizens by offering products and experiences which engage children to learn through their natural curiosity while having fun and staying safe.” 

Petra’s Planet provides a platform for its licencing partners, who have a strong foothold in their own market. It is also important to share the same vision in the growing industry of children’s products and services.

Growing product portfolio

New products are being created at a steady pace around the Petra’s Planet brand. 

‘’Everything was started with the books, which are in printed as well as electronic versions. The virtual world of Petra’s Planet provides, in its turn, a safe environment in which there are already 2 million registered users. In addition, we have Bella’s Baking Blast mobile game, e-learning solutions, and the latest newcomers are Petra’s Planet magazine and a music album.’’ 

Text: Mia Heiskanen

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