The driving force of the IoT is connectivity


Smart cities are almost here. Telia Company already has the vision.

In some ways the driving forces are the same for the IoT as the early internet,” says Telia Company’s Vice President of Global IoT Solutions Hans Dahlberg. “A new technology is used to increase efficiency and create new business. For instance, the internet allowed banking to move from a physical branch to your home computer, cutting costs. It also allowed banks to offer more services, adding value. The same thing is happening with the IoT.”

Telia is one of Europe’s leading providers of IoT solutions. They see this communication between people, things and processes as the next great opportunity for both businesses and individuals.

“Sensors collect data, that data is analysed, and then you can act and automate appropriately,” Dahlberg continues. “The foundation of the IoT is connectivity and what is important is using and acting upon that data.”

Intelligent ecosystems

As an example Dahlberg cites Telia Sense, a service which connects a consumer’s car. It provides WiFi to the vehicle’s occupants, but it also collects useful data.

“Telia Sense monitors the engine and lets you know if it is working properly,” he says. “It gives you your travel history. It warns you if someone bumps into it in the parking lot or if you need to move it for snow clearance. If it is stolen, GPS tracks your car.”

While this sounds impressive enough, Dahlberg points out that this is only a tiny part of Telia Sense.

“The big revolution is building an ecosystem around the data which the consumer controls,” says Dahlberg. “Insurance companies can see you are a careful driver so lower your rates. A buyer for your car can see you took care of it so offers you a higher price. If there is a problem different mechanics could bid for your business.”

The next phase is not sensors and data, he stresses, but building entire ecosystems. If consumers allow the ecosystem to use their data we can build many wonderful things, like smart cities or revolutionary new health care.

Text: David J. Cord

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